Friends and Family Week


Next week I am having a Friends and Family week. Check out the details here.

Why Friends and Family? 

So many people are suffering (physically, mentally or emotionally) OR living under the drug of societal norms, and the pursuit of perfection plodding through their day, running from one thing to another, in hopes that they can one day be happy.

I think about one of my clients that came to me years ago. She was sad and angry and in pain. Nothing she tried had helped her, and I was her last resort. Thankfully her good friend referred her to me and this woman's life turned around. Many years later, she still gives me a big hug and thanks me.

Now, as a business owner, it is sometimes hard for me to ask for referrals. Of course, I need to make money to pay my bills and operate my business.

But there is a bigger picture. I want to help people like Beth live life to the fullest. We all deserve that!

My even bigger picture is to have another awesome doc join me in the practice to do community outreach so that people who do not have the means for care, can receive the help they so desperately need to turn their lives around.

Am I one of those people that want to change the world for the better? Yes!! I want to see all people living life to their fullest potential.

With love,
Dr. KIm