3 Energy States: Which One Are You In?


Our family attended the Network Spinal Transformational Gate!

Transformational Gate. “What’s that, you ask? Simply said by our daughter, “We are going to get our nervous systems upgraded!”

The Transformational Gate utilizes Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) to upgrade your nervous system, much like you’d upgrade a smart phone. I’ve been using the NSA my approach to chiropractic for some time, and it’s how I help you strengthen the connections between your brain and your spine, improving overall energy and helping you convert stress into a positive force.

One of the fascinating things I learned at the Transformational Gate is that we have 3 Energy States. Which one sounds like you?

1. Energy Poor In this state, everything feels like a struggle. You may experience financial stress, significant health issues, severe anxiety, and/or depression. Without enough energy to function on a day-to-day level, it’s a bit like a car running slowly out of gas. There’s just not enough fuel to keep the vehicle moving forward.

2. Energy Neutral This is a very common state. You have enough energy to function day-to-day and can handle small variations of stress, like getting a flat tire, or handling a new project. But if there are large variations in the system, with multiple changes happening at the same time, there’s not enough energy to handle it. You may crash and burn or go into an Energy Poor state for a while. Energy Neutral is the status quo: keeping everything functional, stable and in balance.

3. Energy Rich In this state, there’s so much energy in the system that tasks or events that would otherwise seem daunting are now effortless and fun. In anEnergy Rich state, you function far outside the status quo, energized and better equipped to handle change and stress. Energy Rich is where all innovation and great leadership come from.

Using Network Spinal Analysis, I reawaken and strengthen the communication between your spine (where much of your stress can reside) and your brain. Over time, stronger signals become established, creating sustainable energy and moving you into the Energy Rich state.

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