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"Being healthy is not just about whether or not you are in pain, but how much you are living your life and fully participating in the world around you."
- Dr. Kimberly Berkus


Dr. Kimberly - After a life-changing experience with Network Spinal care, I knew my calling was to attend Chiropractic school and open my own practice. I’m blessed to a have a “job" I love so much, to support so many transforming lives. I’m also a proud member of the EpiEnergetics staff.

Dr. Kimberly - No snap, crackle, pop?

Network Spinal™ (aka, Network) was developed by my mentor and friend Dr. Donald Epstein over 30 years ago. Like all chiropractic, Network addresses the nervous system as a means to promote healing in the body. Unlike other forms of Chiropractic care, Network doesn’t require “cracking.” Network promotes lasting change by reprogramming your nervous system to feel better and get more out of life.

Tony Robbins shares his experience with Network Spinal and Donny Epstein (adult language)

Donny Epstein, developer of Network, explains “The Wave”

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